Welcome to Furness Electrical

Furness Electrical is experienced in the Domestic and Commercial sectors and can provide a complete electrical service from initial concept to complete design.

Furness Electrical is a quality company who surpasses expectations. We will go out of our way to provide a high standard of customer satisfaction where every need and want is met. We are extremely reliable and knowledgeable company who attend to jobs in a prompt and efficient matter and carry out the task with little disruption to those around them. Furness Electrical is a resourceful company which explores every option in depth before making a decision. We take great pride when we have been able to accept further work where we have been referred by satisfied client and our referees.

We strive to be at the forefront of the industry and incorporate our expertise into every job.

About us


Furness Electrical, through continuing knowledge and up-skilling, is at the forefront of the electrical industry in both the domestic and commercial electrical fields. We are here because of our unique un-doubted expertise, customer orientated approach and competitive pricing.

To ensure that Furness Electrical remains competitive within the industry, we believe that it is paramount to keep up with developing technology. This is why our company is committed to continually developing our knowledge and understanding of new and innovative techniques.

Furness Electrical is based on four founding pillars; EXPERTISE, INNOVATION, WORKMANSHIP and PROFESSIONALISM.

We are based in Yarraville Vic, Australia.